We are blessed by an unbroken lineage from Grand Master Jimmy Woo to our present Instructor Barry O'Sullivan. Kung Fu San Soo was brought to the UK and First taught by Master Brad Sirrott. Master Brad taught Barry to Black belt and beyond.

Kung Fu San Soo Uk is priviledged to enjoy the patronage of Master George Costy who lives and teaches in San Diego USA.



Grand Master Jimmy H Woo



                 I                                                 I                     I                         I       I

                 I                                                 I      Master Frank Woolsy        I      I    

                 I                                                 I                        I                      I       I

          Master Bill Hulsey                            I                       I                      I       I                                                                                         I                       I                      I       I

                     Master Jerry Peterson            I                      Master Al Rubin      I

                                                I                   I                         I                     I       I

                                                I                   I                          I                    I       I

                                                I            Master George Kosty Master Dave Hopkins                                                             I                                   I

                                                I                                   I

                                            Master Brad Sirrott          I

                                           I                            I

                                           I                             I

                                    I               Barry O'Sullivan

                                           I                              I

                                    I                         I                                             

                                           I                      I                                 I                           I


                              Alex Estrella         Chris Fitzpatick        Geoff Newton   Phil Heaton

Our Family Tree

Master George Kosty - Lineage


Master George studied under Al Rubin from tail end of 79 until his passing in April 1987 at which point he was a 4th degree black belt. He then trained with his good friend Dave Hopkins for a few years and a few degrees, as they grew up at Al Rubin's together. George then trained with 1st Generation Masters Raul & Xavier Ries for 3 years where he received his Masters Degree in 1997. George also trained in the late 90's at JHW Studio in El Monte under senior student  Master Jack Sera. When El Monte Closed, he then trained with 1st Generation Master Juan Meza, in addition to a few other 1st generation masters.

Master George knew JHW for eleven years until his passing in 1991 and learned things about the art directly from him and continues to pass on his philosophy and ideas about the Art of San Soo.


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